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Alternatives for Halloween

I have never been trick or treating. Growing up, my family didn’t celebrate Halloween for various reasons. Apart from the potential dangers of allowing your children to wander around the neighborhood, my parents did not support the emphasis on spirits, the grim reaper, or death itself. Although most of my friends participated in the traditional holiday, I was contented to stay at home and eat the half-price candy bought the day after.


Now that I’m beyond the trick-or-treating age and still rather uninterested in celebrating Halloween with traditional costume parties, I always look for engaging activities to do with friends. Whether your family has chosen not to participate in Halloween with your children, or you’re in the same era of life as me, here are some great alternatives. These suggestions are regular activities you can do anytime, but are particularly good substitutes for this holiday.


Make Dinner Together


Whether it’s with a group of friends or inviting your little ones into the kitchen, making dinner is great bonding experience. Pick a theme to make it more exciting. You can go Italian with meatballs and ravioli or South American with beans, rice, and veggies.


Game Night


Dust off those board games and pull out the cards. With family or friends, playing games is a great way to share good times and create memories. Whether the atmosphere is competitive or laid back, playing games is a perfect way to engage the people around you. You may discover a love for a new pastime.


Watch a Movie


Growing up, watching television in my house was a privilege. If this is unusual in your family, consider selecting a family friendly movie to watch with the children. If you’re having friends over, pick a new release or an older classic and have a discussion afterwards.


The options for remaining at home are endless: read a novel together or experiment with crafts. If you don’t want to stay at home and deal with the ringing doorbell, go out to dinner and catch a movie afterwards. Look for other opportunities offered by businesses or your local community center for more alternatives. Don’t be afraid to invite other families or individuals over if that will make your night more enjoyable.

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