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Natalie Browning

What you fill your mind with can control the direction in which your life travels. Fill it with the good things in life!
I am a student attending Brigham Young University, and will graduate December 2014 with a major in English and a minor in editing. I love what I'm studying! Reading and writing have always been both hobbies and passions to me. From a young age, I have been intrigued with the possibilities and lasting good that can come from the written word. Poetry and personal narratives are two of my favorite genres of literature, both to write and to read, and I aspire to become the published author of a book one day. I believe that the affect reading has on an individual can shape their entire character, and I feel very strongly about the importance of uplifting and wholesome values in literature. My hobbies are ballroom dancing with my husband, playing the piano, singing, cooking and baking, crocheting, reading, eating ice cream, and making my baby smile. As a wife and mother, I am learning and loving the simple joys family life has to offer each day. In January of 2014, my husband and I were blessed with a sweet daughter named Lucy. She makes life richer and more vibrant and incredible than I ever thought was possible!