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9 Stunning Garage Transformations

You may think your garage was made for containing mountains of junk (unless you’re one of few that still parks their car inside of it). No need to waste all that square footage! Chuck the junk, move or organize the rest, and transform the space into a place worth being in.

Laundry Room

source: HGTV

If you simply have too much stuff to disqualify the garage as a storage room, use one wall or the corner of it for your new, spacious laundry room. Some houses were built with the laundry units in the worst places imaginable: in the kitchen, in a small closet, or by the baby’s room, for example. Give yourself some space and find laundry-doing bearable once more.

Workout Room

source: Homed It

Just try to make excuses about not going to the gym when the gym’s right there in front of you! Your kid’s old bedroom is too small to hold all your equipment of choice, and a garage-gym transformation is about as easy as remodeling gets. So throw down a rug, hang a mirror or two, maybe hang a painting for dramatic effect, and start charging the neighbors for membership!
Living Room

source: Pinterest

Need some extra space for hosting? A few changes here and there can transform your dingy garage into a gorgeous living space. This design suggests creating a loft space in the high roof if you’re up for the challenge.
Riding Room

source: HGTV

Maybe you have a lot of “nice toys”. Wouldn’t you like an equally-nice space to store and show them off? Theme the room after whatever it is you’re storing.

Game/Bar Room

source: HGTV

If you’d love a space to hold game nights in, make one! Create the go-to scene with a bar, games, and a big screen in your transformed garage.

Theater Room

source: HGTV

It’s movie night at your place. But no matter how many chairs you pull out, someone always gets stuck in that awkward seat in the far corner. Give every guest the best seat in the house in your garage theater.

Library Office

source: The Foodinista

Many of us have dreamed of having our own massive libraries. But it doesn’t seem quite right to give your books their very own room while you shove your kids together in another. Cozy up your garage with some paint, rugs, and bookshelves on every wall. Move your office in there and you may never want to leave again.

Yoga/Dance Studio

source: Home Time

If you are an avid yogi or a dancer, then some nice hardwood flooring might just be worth the investment. Decorate as you will and get your groove on!

Bowling Alley

source: Cool Gadget Concept

You might not be able to fit a full length lane inside, but half lane should be enough to practice with. So be prepared to impress your buddies come bowling night. Or just seize the opportunity to play in the comfort of your own home.


If you have an idea for a room you would love in your house, make the space for it in your garage. Sorry, old school projects. You’ll have to find another place to collect dust in.

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