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8 Reasons Families Should Read Together Often

Reading has many positives, and reading together as a family allows you to share those positive experiences. Some examples of positives gained from reading are increasing vocabulary, identifying emotions, and understanding other life situations.

From a social aspect, reading together as a family allows you to connect over what you are reading. Even if you are not all reading the same book, you can discuss what you are reading and share your thoughts.

So, why should you read as a family?

Develops Empathy

Sometimes people have trouble identifying others’ emotions or don’t know how to react to emotions they are uncomfortable with. 

Children especially aren’t always able to identify how they are feeling, and seeing their emotions in a book can help them identify and explain how they are feeling. When you read, you come across many emotions and how characters respond to those emotions. This can help both children and adults practice how to respond to people in situations they are unfamiliar with.


Your family has its own dynamics and celebrates your own traditions. It can be difficult for people to understand traditions or activities that are foreign to them. 

Reading books is a great way to expose yourself to different cultures and ways of life. You can discuss these things together as a family. You may even find a new tradition you want to start in your family!


Reading can be a tradition for your family. Maybe you spend the last half hour before going to bed reading, or perhaps you get new books each holiday and read them that night. Either way, you can make reading a tradition in your family.


The only way to improve your vocabulary is to expose yourself to new words. Have fun with this by seeing who in the family can find the most interesting word in the book they are currently reading. This is a great way to get kids excited about learning.

Making Connections

Reading is a fantastic way to make connections with other members of your family. Maybe you have a child who is really interested in history. As a parent, you could read a historical fiction or non-fiction book and discuss it with your child.

As for younger children, reading with them is a great bonding experience. It helps them see that reading is important to you, which will encourage them to continue reading as they get older.

Starting Conversations

Some topics are hard to talk about, and as a parent, you might not know where to start. Finding a book about the issue can be a great place to begin. Read the book with your child and let them ask questions along the way. This will allow them to guide the conversation. At the end, ask them questions they may not have considered and have honest conversations with them about it.

Time Together

The lives of a family can get busy. One kid might have soccer practice, while another has a piano lesson, not to mention Dad is in a bowling league. Taking the time to read together as a family will allow you time to connect and actually spend time together.

Shared Memories

Reading the same book aloud together as a family is sure to create some fun memories. It will also allow everyone to pop in and share their experiences that relate to whatever you are reading. This can help family members connect and possibly learn things about each other they did not know.

Ultimately, reading together as a family has unlimited benefits, and it is something every family should be doing.

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