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8 Dollar store crafts for fall

Here are some fall crafts you can make with items commonly found at a dollar store.

Tootsie Pop ghosts

These are simply paper towels wrapped around tootsie pops. More details>>

Crawling spider soda


Freeze rubber spiders in ice cube trays filled with orange juice.  When frozen, fill glass with clear soda. More details>>

Give thanks


As soon as Halloween has died down it’s always refreshing to be reminded to be thankful! The pumpkins were found at a dollar store and spray painted white for a face lift. See how the blogger did it>>


Who doesn’t love a festive and cute $5.00 centerpiece? Try this simple fall decoupage made from glass candle holders and fall napkins. Get more details>>

Mantle decor

Pick up a few picture frames at the dollar store and complete this simple fall craft.

Trash bag spider webs


This is a super cute and thrifty Halloween craft made from trash bags. Hang them across your front porch or over your windows and adorn with plastic spiders. Learn the technique>>

Marble painted pumpkins

The marble nail polish trend has been all over the place this season.  Try applying it to a pumpkin using this technique.

Waxed leaves

Keep those gorgeous leaves colorful and vibrant by dipping them in wax from candles from the dollar store. Learn more about the technique>>  

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