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8 Christmas Traditions You’ll Want to Try

Here are eight fun ideas to get you started this year—or to get you thinking about next year!

1. Christmas Eve Pajamas

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This is one a lot of families like to do. Every Christmas Eve, everyone in your family gets to open one present: a new set of PJ’s! They can be Christmas pajamas, matching footie pajamas, or they can just be regular pajamas. It’s a fun tradition that will help build up the anticipation of opening gifts on Christmas morning…and the best part is that everyone gets to wear their new pajamas to bed. Follow it up with a Christmas movie and treats.

2. Traditional Christmas Eve/Christmas Day Dinner

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My family does soup in bread bowls on Christmas Eve, but this can be any entree you’d like to make as a tradition every year on either Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, or both! Save yourself the hassle of figuring out what you’re going to cook this year and stick with a tradition that everyone in your family loves!

3. 25 Nights of Bedtime Stories

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This can be a fun advent calendar activity to do with kids. At the start of December, wrap up 25 picture books and put them under the tree with a special blanket. Before bed each night leading up to Christmas, unwrap one of the books and read it together. They can be Christmas stories, new stories your children haven’t read before, or simply old favorites that have been wrapped so that you can’t tell which one is which.

4. Grinch Random Acts of Kindness

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A good way to encourage the Christmas spirit among your little ones, whether you’re a teacher or simply want to teach your own children to be kind. Every time someone does something nice for someone else, they get to put a heart on the Grinch. Consider giving the kids a reward, like special Christmas treats or watching a special Christmas movie, if they can fill the Grinch with hearts before Christmas Eve.

5. Activities Advent Calendar

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Instead of an advent calendar full of chocolate, how about an advent calendar that gives you and your kids some great activities to celebrate the Christmas season? It can be a great way to spread out all of the things you need to get done before Christmas!

6. Christmas Movie, Treats, and Hot Chocolate

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Have a favorite Christmas cartoon or movie? Make it your family tradition! Bake and decorate Christmas cookies to take to your neighbors while you watch.

7. New Ornament Every Year

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One tradition that will be fun and meaningful for your kids consistently throughout the years is the ornament tradition. Each year, each of your kids gets a new Christmas ornament to hang on the tree; you can pick the ornaments out for your kids when they’re smaller, and then as they get older let them pick the ornament themselves. When they eventually leave home to start their own families, they’ll already have a collection of ornaments to take with them to get them started with their Christmas decorations! It’s a great tradition that will give you a chance to reflect on past years, past interests, and growth every time you and your children unpack and hang the ornaments.

8. Christmas Eve Surprise Box

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If you want to do more than simply pajamas for your kids on Christmas Eve, a Christmas Eve surprise box is the way to go! Fill it with a new Christmas movie, hot chocolate, and cookie mix for Santa’s cookies. You can also turn this one into a Secret Santa package and leave it on the doorstep of someone who needs it this year. Teach your children the joy of giving during the Christmas season!

Whether you choose to implement these traditions this year or wait until next year, remember that the point of the holidays isn’t to weigh yourself down with lots of obligations; the point is to have fun and spend time together as a family during this happy season!

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