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7 Wacky Ways To Carve A Watermelon

Although it makes a tasty snack, watermelon can also be used for a variety of creative and crazy purposes. With a little creativity and a good carving knife, watermelons can become festive platters and serving plates at parties. We searched watermelon.org for our favorite ways to use this summertime favorite — just click the links for additional photos and instructions! In the meantime, here are seven wacky ways to carve a watermelon:

1. The Watermelon Shark

This deep-sea version of a watermelon is perfect for pool parties! The shark’s mouth is a fun way to serve watermelon chunks, and the Swedish Fish candies add a finishing touch.


2. Watermelon Minion

The minions from “Despicable Me” and “Despicable Me 2” are becoming as common in popular culture as the birds from “Angry Birds.” This watermelon minion is perfect for birthday parties or simply for minion-lovers young and old. Just make sure the melon you buy is yellow!


3. Watermelon Beach Bucket

This watermelon is easy to tote along on trips to the park or beach. Store fruit inside of the watermelon’s base and add beach toys and cake mix to a plate for an extra, decorative touch.


4. Watermelon Spider-Man

Make this edible version of a favorite superhero for birthday parties or sleepovers. Just in time for “The Amazing Spider-Man 2,” this watermelon is sure to be a crowd favorite!


5. Watermelon T-Rex

Bring this prehistoric giant right to your kitchen table with this fun watermelon carving! Skewers for teeth make this dinosaur head extra scary!


6. Watermelon Owl

Who-ooo wouldn’t love this adorable carving? With cookies for eyes and little watermelon feet, this owl makes a great addition to gatherings with friends of all ages!


7. Watermelon Smile

A simpler carving project, this smiley face is great for storing a large amount of fruit. Use flower cookie cutters and toothpicks to add the finishing, summer touch!

For more festive carving ideas, visit watermelon.org’s Carvings & Entertainment page!

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