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7 Study Habits of a Successful Student

The fall semester is almost over! In a few short weeks, you can rest easy knowing that another semester is behind you. Aren’t you ready to relax and fall in love again with your favorite pastimes? Before you get too excited, you still have a few more things to accomplish before the semester is through.

Finals week is soon approaching, which means you will likely be studying for hours on end. Although final exams can be stressful, developing great study habits will help you succeed in your classes. Here are several effective study tips to help you ace your exams!

1. Get creative with your notes! For example, use color markers to draw pictures that represent ideas or concepts. Not only will you have fun revising your notes, but it’s also a great way to remember the course material.


2. Cramming the night before an exam isn’t exactly a good idea. You’re likely to put more pressure on yourself to retain a large amount of information. This is a difficult task to take on, so manage your time wisely and study for your exams weeks in advance.


3. Rewriting your notes is another helpful memorization trick. This may seem like an arduous process, but you are actually learning the coursework all over again. When rewriting your notes, make sure your handwriting is legible. Make modifications, if necessary, to include additional information.


4. Prevent test anxiety by taking a break in between study sessions. A 10-15 minute break every hour will help you switch gears and relax.


5. While in study mode, keep all electronic devices turned off. Cell phones, laptops, and tablets can become major distractions. Focus on the task at hand without any interruptions.


6. Create lyrics to a song using your course notes. This is a great way to have some fun while studying for your exams. Simply record your vocals over an instrumental and listen to the song throughout the day. You won’t have any trouble remembering the answers on the day of the exam.


7. Perhaps you won’t believe this, but studying in different places will increase your chances of recalling information. Rather than always studying in the library, try finding a quiet spot outdoors or visit an uncrowded coffee shop for your next study session.

Don’t allow stress to affect your performance on test day. Practicing these study tips will build your confidence and allay any fears you may have of failing.

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