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5 Thoughtful Ways Families Can Heal Together

As much as we love those tied to us by blood, it’s not uncommon to find strained relationships in the family. When you’re living with the same people, you’re bound to cross paths at some point. 

Quarreling and arguing with any family member weakens the relationships in the family– and if the issues among members are left unresolved, it becomes harder to mend these relationships. 

Family is everything, which is why you must find different ways to heal and reconnect with your family. If you have no idea where to start, this article provides five easy ways to get you started. 

1. Use the Non-Violent Communication Technique

Most family problems stem from unclear communication among the members. Therefore, you must find a way for everyone to express themselves.

The Non-Violent Communication method is one of the best solutions for families that don’t seem to quite get along with each other. The four-step process allows the parties to talk about how they feel without offending other family members. 

The four steps in the process are:

  • Observation
  • Feeling
  • Voicing needs
  • Requesting

Using NVC allows you to communicate straight up with your family members without necessarily playing the blame game. 

2. Apologize to Each Other and Learn to Forgive

Family means bringing together different people with different characters, likes, dislikes, and personalities and having them live together. Isn’t this the beauty of life and family anyway? However, due to personality differences, these people are bound to step on each other’s toes.

You need to understand that everyone makes mistakes at some point, and the most important thing is to figure out how to get over it. 

Learn how to say, ‘I’m sorry’ whenever you wrong, anyone else. Your apology should be honest, open, and direct.

If you are on the offended party, you should also be willing to forgive the offender after a sincere apology and then find a way forward without always coming back to the disagreement. 

3. Bring in Professional Help

You can always solve all the problems by yourself, and that’s fine. If your family’s issues are too complex to handle, you should consider getting some professional assistance. 

Your family has a wide range of options available when it comes to professionals. You can choose to see family counselors, church counselors, or even licensed psychologists and psychiatrists.

Professionals provide a neutral ground for the members to solve their issues. They are also trained to handle some difficult situations, which may have been challenging for your family. 

4. Talk it Out and Listen to Each Other

Creating time for each other is one of the easiest ways to fix relationships. Every member should strive to find some time to meet others in person and have a heartfelt talk. 

If things haven’t been going well, it’s easy to assume old grievances and sweep them under the rug. Instead, confronting these issues, head-on helps to mend old rifts among members. 

When talking to each other, let everyone air their grievances and be listened to. Find ways to compromise in each situation so that everyone remains happy. 

5. Express Love to Other Members

It’s easy to forget how you feel about each other when you’re always fighting. However, despite everything going on in your house, you should find ways to remind each other you care.

When you’re trying to repair cracked relationships, both parties often shy away from making the first move. Expressing your love for the other party shows your willingness to make amends, which goes a long way in healing both parties. 

You don’t need grand gestures to make this happen. A simple note by their bedside or an offer to help with their chores is all it takes. 

The family healing process to fix broken relationships can take quite some time. Every member must be willing to take part to create stronger and healthier bonds within the family. 

Familius understands the essential role that family healing places in society. Therefore, we’re continually updating our blog with helpful information for everyone. Read our blog for more resources to help build healthier families. 

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