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5 Tech Tips That Will Save You a Lot of Embarrassment

The influence of technology has undoubtedly changed the rules of etiquette. Modern etiquette and manners are more conducive to the present times in which we live. Of course, traditional etiquette hasn’t been completely abandoned. Some lessons are still appropriate today, whereas others are a bit too formal or outdated. In order to keep up with the times, here are five rules to employ in your everyday life.  


1.       Think twice before sharing any unflattering photos of others on social media. For example, posting an embarrassing photo of a family member on Facebook may cause tension in your relationship. It might be hilarious to you, but humiliating to them.  Consider their feelings in the matter. You can also ask for permission to post their photos on different social media platforms. They will definitely appreciate it.


2.      Wedding guests sometimes fail to remember one simple etiquette rule: Cell phones should be silenced or shut off before the ceremony commences. Can you imagine seeing the looks of disapproval from others, especially the bride and groom? Some modern wedding programs go so far as to remind guests to power off, though it’s obvious that one should do so. Unfortunately, people still forget no matter how obvious it is.


3.      Speaking of cell phones, most people are used to talking over the phone while grocery shopping. This might not be the best idea. It can be a hassle to load items on the conveyor belt while keeping the phone fixed between your ear and shoulder. You’re also more likely to slow down the line. Do the cashier and your fellow customers a favor and save your multitasking skills for another time.


4.      Some passengers wear headphones while traveling on public transportation. It never hurts to listen to a few tunes before arriving at your destination. Just make sure the volume isn’t too high. Passengers might not take kindly to hearing your music collection early in the morning on their way to work. And besides, you want to know what’s happening around you in case of an emergency.


5.      Most people are guilty of sending an “OMW” (On My Way) text message to someone without leaving the house first. This doesn’t exactly communicate the truth to those on the receiving end. What if your friends can’t be seated in the restaurant until the entire party arrives? Don’t start the night on a sour note. Send the “OMW” text message when you’re inside the car (though not while you drive) and arrive when you say you will.

Modern etiquette is appropriate for any situation. Become familiar with the proper rules of conduct to navigate your way through social settings. Although traditional etiquette may seem old-fashioned, just know that kindness and respect never go out of style.

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