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5 Incredible Ways to Keep Love Alive in Your Family

Everyone loves their family, but we can all agree that getting along with every member is a challenge at times. When you’re living with and seeing the members of your family every day, it’s normal to disagree and argue with each other. Despite the challenges of being under one roof, it’s essential to find ways to keep the love alive. Spending time together as a family and nurturing love creates a stronger bond among the members. There are numerous Ways to Keep Love Alive in Your Family, but if you’re stuck, here are five of them to get you started. 

1. Tell Them You Love Them

When was the last time you told someone in your family that you loved them? It’s easy to assume that those close to you know how you feel about them. After all, you’re supposed to love them unconditionally. Saying the three magic words- I love you- creates a connection with your kin. It is one of the easiest ways to strengthen the bond in a family unit. So, make it a habit to assure those around you and remind them that you care. You’d be surprised how much it’d change someone’s day. 

2. Share Meals With Your Family

Everyone’s busy, and if you aren’t careful, you’ll hardly have enough time to spend with your family. Sharing meals is an excellent way to ensure you aren’t drifting away from each other. It provides an opportunity for people to sit together, catch up, and have a good laugh. You could choose to have dinner every night together. Sit at the table and ask about everyone’s day. Another excellent idea would be to have everyone chip in to make the family’s favorite dinner every weekend. 

3. Create Solid Family Traditions

Growing up, my family had several traditions. For example, whenever anyone in the family turned fourteen, they would receive a photo album with their baby photos and other family pictures. The younger siblings would always anticipate this rite of passage. Having family traditions helps to bond with everyone. Center it around what everyone loves so that you all have a good time. It also creates fond memories that will keep you smiling over the years. 

4. Family Love is Quality Time

Spending some quality time as a family strengthens the foundation of your family unit. After a long week of work and school, find engaging, fun activities to take part in together. You could try playing some board games, go hiking over the weekends or have movie nights. An ideal way of choosing something to do is to have a Saturday for every member. Every Saturday, one member selects an activity for the whole family to participate in. During family time, turn off the TV and have everyone switch off their phones or put them away. Take your faces off the screens and talk and listen to each other. 

5. Make Decisions Together

Parents don’t often include their children when making family decisions but having them in the loop strengthens your relationship. It makes them feel included and important members of the family, which they are. When they are younger, let them decide little things like what they’d like to wear and even give dinner suggestions. Besides increasing their trust in you, letting your kids participate in the decision helps them become better decision-makers in the future. 

Love is one of the cornerstone values for a happy family, and everyone in the family needs to find ways to cultivate it. We’ve listed five things you could try out, but you can always find other things that work for you. 

At Familius, we believe the family is the fundamental unit in society, and we strive to create happy units. Consider these books for more Ways to Keep Love Alive in Your Family.

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