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5 Healthy Habits for the Holidays

If you’re anything like me, you can’t wait until the holiday season arrives. Thoughts of relaxing and spending quality time with family and friends bring you immense joy. However, the holidays can also be quite overwhelming. The combination of stress, overeating, and sleep deprivation can take a toll on your health. This year, enjoy the holiday season by practicing these five healthy habits:


1. Don’t spend the entire holiday season attending events and running incessant errands. Your stress levels will go through the roof and you won’t have the time to relax before you return to work. Learn how to say no to yourself and others! Set aside time for some much-needed relaxation. You don’t need to accomplish everything.


2. It’s hard to resist eating some of your favorite foods, especially during Thanksgiving. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with tasting those savory dishes, but remember to eat in moderation. No one wants to feel sluggish during the holidays. This is the time to celebrate with family and friends, so encourage others to eat healthily this season as well! You may even want to start a new tradition by adding several nutritious dishes to the Thanksgiving menu.


3. Give your health the attention it deserves by staying active this season. Physical activity is a great way to reduce holiday stress. Any kind of body movement— dancing, aerobics, tennis, you name it—will keep you feeling fantastic all season long. Of course, maintaining an active lifestyle is important both during and after the holidays. Ask others to join in the fun!


4. The holidays can be very demanding. You may find it difficult to get adequate sleep when you are constantly on the go. The lack of sleep will not only affect your mood, but your productivity as well. High quality rest time will drastically decrease your anxiety levels and help your body fight off any illnesses that may be floating around this time of year.


5. There will be plenty of great deals on clothes and technology after Thanksgiving Day. Although you may be tempted to rush out to the stores to catch the latest promotional sale, refrain from spending an excessive amount of money. Financial stress is one of the reasons why individuals are depressed during the holiday season. Don’t feel pressured to buy certain things for yourself or for others. Prior to doing your holiday shopping, create a personal budget and stick to it! You will feel much happier knowing you made the right financial decisions.


Hopefully, these tips will inspire you to celebrate the holidays in a healthier way. What are some healthy habits you plan to put into practice this season?


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