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No. of Pages : 160
ISBN: 9781938301421
eISBN: 9781938301414
Released : 4/1/2013

Your Wife Has Cancer, Now What?

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Book Description

When your wife is diagnosed with cancer, there is a lot of information to read and review. You get overwhelmed with pamphlets, books, and binders that discuss her type of cancer. There are support groups, hotlines and other organizations to assist her. But what about you? Written from the experienced perspective of someone who went through his wife’s cancer Your Wife Has Cancer, Now What? provides a practical overview of what you, as husband and best friend, need to know.Your Wife Has Cancer, Now What? includes information on how to overcome the shock and fear of diagnosis, how to talk to your family, choosing the right doctors, where and how to give support, the transition of normal household duties and how to manage those, the real costs of cancer both financial and emotional, how to continue and nurture your romance, how to manage your full-time job and other long-term issues that are critical to know and navigate.

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Praise for Your Wife Has Cancer, Now What?

“. . . a ‘What to expect when the unexpected happens.’ This book is a must-read for any husband hoping to shorten their learning curve." Leigh Neumauyer, MD, MS, Professor of Surgery, Huntsman Cancer Institute

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Carson Boss
I love God. I love my family. I love my Country. I love food. I love to travel. When you meet other people from around the world you realize we are all doing the best we can and why not be outgoing en...

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