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No. of Pages : 270
ISBN: 9781938301018
eISBN: 9781938301001
Released : 5/1/2013

Glad to Be Dad

A Call to Fatherhood
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Book Description

After staying home with his two sons for a year and his daughter since her infancy, Tim Myers knows all about being a stay-at-home parent. He knows the most effective cleaning products, which snacks to buy, and has developed a “housemaid’s knee.” He has experienced first-hand the profound influence fathers have on their children, along with the challenges of being a committed parent. By recounting personal experiences, offering honest, sincere opinions, and including quizzes for fatherly-preparedness, Tim Myers emphasizes the importance of fatherly contribution and influence in the home. He shows fathers that they are not only vital to home life, but that fatherhood also brings great joy into men’s lives, not to mention a surprising amount of plain old fun. In addition, Myers details the essential role of fathers, and the very real (and sometimes frustrating) transition into taking an active role in home life. Poignant, funny, and inspiring, Glad to be Dad is perfect for both aspiring fathers and seasoned veterans.

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Praise for Glad to Be Dad

“An excellent, ‘SWEET’ piece . . . powerful thoughts . . . ” —Susan DeMaggio, Editor of Detroit’s Metro Parent

“I read [it] with pleasure” —David Remnick, Editor in Chief, The New Yorker

About the Author

Tim J. Myers
Tim J. Myers is a writer, storyteller, songwriter, and senior lecturer at Santa Clara University. Tim earned his master’s in literature from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and has 32 years experi...

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