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15 Ways to Display Old Photos

Despite everything turning digital and being able to share your pictures and memories online, we all have a box (or several) hiding away, stuffed with old pictures. Pictures have a tendency to brighten up the home so you want to show them off, but are not sure how to do it. Looking around at what other people have done, it’s clear that ideas are infinite. Every room has its own flair, and how you hang your pictures can help influence that flair. Here are some ideas and DIY crafts to display your photos in a neat way.


Using an old window frame

Old window frame turned picture frame


Alter window frame turned picture frame

Wooden frame ideas for a photoset


For the extra artsy

Corner Picture Frames


Ribbon Hung Pictures

Chicken Wire Frame with Clothespins

Clothespin and Twine Hanging Picture

Twine and Clothespin Frames

Hanging Pictures with a Fishing Rod



When you just have too many pictures, collages are great! Of your kids, friends, places you’ve been, whatever—collages help show off all those pictures in a cute, organized-yet-cluttered way.

Window Box Photo Collage

Photo Wall Collages

Picklee offers 35 different variations of collages

Recycled-up Wheel Collages

Cluttered Style Collage

Heart Shaped Collage

Other ideas include: scrapbooking, putting them in nice photo albums and have them out for show, putting them on the inside of envelopes, and putting them on coasters. Displaying your pictures should be fun, so mix and match ideas. Use some store bought frames, or make your own! DIY projects can involve the whole family. Hanging up pictures can bring back old memories and new laughs. Collages allow for you to put together a bunch of photos in an organized manner. Light up your home with your own photographs. The ideas are endless, so explore any and all possibilities.

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