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15 Valentine’s Day crafts for kids

Cork Love Bugs

Source: No Time For Flashcards

To catch these love bugs, all you need are corks, construction paper, glue, googly eyes and a marker for some creative flare. Check out all the steps at No Time For Flashcards!

Tie Dye Hearts

Source: No Time For Flashcards

Just add water to the marker designs on these coffee filters and presto! You have tie-dye valentine hearts. Check out No Time For Flashcards for all of the steps.

Red Cup Valentine’s Day Man

Source: Sassy Dealz

Need a way to get rid of all those plastic cups leftover from holiday family parties? The Valentine’s Man is a fun craft that will help you do just that. Sassy Dealz has all the steps.

I Love You “Beary” Much!

Source: Sassy Dealz

This loveable bear is a fun tag-team Valentine’s Day craft for you and your kids. All you need is construction paper, glue, a marker and some scissors. Visit Sassy Dealz for all the steps!

Heart Headband Boppers

Source: Sprout Online

A fun and easy-to-make accessory for any kids Valentine’s Day outfit. Check out Sprout Online for the details.

Valentine Finger Puppet

Source: Spoonful

These heart finger puppets may be fun to make, but they are even more fun to play with afterward! Spoonful has all the materials and steps to make these cute Valentine’s Day toys.

Heart Button Craft

Source: Hands on as We Grow

This Valentine’s Day heart offers the perfect opportunity to find a use for all those old and extra buttons! See how easy it is for you and your kids at Hands On As We Grow.

Sweetie Sunglasses

Source: Mom Tried It

With these trendy sunglasses, your little one will be ready for their Valentine’s Day close-up. See how it’s done on Mom Tried It.

Love Links

Source: Super Moms 360

This Valentine’s Day, help your kids discover everything and everyone that they love and have fun doing it! Find out how to do it at Super Moms 360.

Heart-Shaped Lei

Source: Make Zine

Bring a little bit of the tropics to your family and house this Valentine’s Day with these heart-shaped lei necklaces for the kids! Check out what you need at Make Zine.

Countdown to Valentine’s Day Calendar

Source: SheKnows

While this one may take a little longer to make, it will give you plenty of quality crafting time with the kids. Plus, the finished product looks great and is fun for everyone! SheKnows has all the details.

Heart-Shaped Window Clings

Source: SheKnows

A great craft for your little Valentine that will help decorate the house for the holiday. See the details on this craft and more at SheKnows.

Sweetheart Hair Pin

Source: Real Simple

These heart hair clips are the perfect Valentine’s Day craft for the little fashionista in your life. Check out all the steps at Real Simple.

Blooming Rose Cupcake Liners

Source: Real Simple

These homemade roses are perfect for your little heartbreaker to make and give to all the ladies in his life on Valentine’s Day (that means you mom!) See how to at Real Simple.

Heart Flakes

Source: Spoonful

Create a storm of Valentine’s Day love around your house with these easy to make heart flakes. Spoonful has all the tips and steps!

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