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15 Date Night Ideas

Go bowling.

Here is a sport in which even the most unathletic of us can participate—while indoors, nonetheless! For competitive couples or those just looking for a good time, bowling can be a simple alternative to the typical dinner date.

Browse in a bookstore.

Our bookshelves reveal a great deal about us. Learning your date’s tastes in books can lead you to discover common interests, birthday present ideas, and quirky facts about him or her. Just be aware that your selections will be just as revealing! The bookstore contains sections appropriate for every stage of life, too, so whether you are young lovebirds, first-time parents, or a retired couple, you can find something to entertain, learn, or share.

Cook together at home.

Eating out can be expensive, so why not spend some quality time together dining in? This idea is easily adaptable to your tastes (and combined level of skill). Whether you opt for gourmet creations or classic hamburgers, spending time alone with your date over a good meal will make for a romantic evening.

Pick up a new hobby.

Have you ever wanted to pick up karate, painting, or something else entirely? If your date shares your interest, you can embark on the adventure together. Besides the benefit of having a friend who will embarrass him- or herself just as much as you will, you will have a common point of conversation for any other interactions.

Explore a local attraction or restaurant.

Every city contains a handful of unique tourist sites and restaurants, and chances are you haven’t been to all of them yet. Explore your city with your date—you’ll not only be able to personally vouchsafe all the places you already recommend to people from out of town, but you’ll make lasting memories, too.

Take a little road trip.

Miniature road trips may work better for day dates than date nights, but the idea is too much fun to pass up. Escaping from your everyday environment can be a stress reliever as well. Spending time away with someone you love is sure to make for a romantic date.

Break out the picnic basket.

Like the previous idea, this activity may go a little smoother in daylight. A romantic picnic for two is a classic way to spend time together, and the organizer of the picnic gets extra points if it is a surprise! Choose a scenic location, and feel free to take a lazy stroll after the meal.

Volunteer together.

For the civic minded, volunteer work could benefit both one’s community and one’s relationship. Volunteering regularly in a soup kitchen or another such place with a significant other could highlight his or her most admirable qualities. Plus, you will know that your time spent together is helping others, too!

Play a round of miniature golf.

Miniature golf brings out the inner child in all of us. As a bonus, this sport is easy enough to avoid causing major anxiety… Although for some of us, it may be challenging enough to cause a good laugh. Whether you are a pro or a beginner, miniature golf is a fun way to spend a date, especially because it allows time for conversation to arise all throughout the evening.

Go to a drive in or dining theatre.

Add variety to your next movie-going experience by simply changing the venue. When you are feeling nostalgic, look up a local drive in theatre. If you want to splurge, find a theatre that serves dinner (and by that, we don’t mean corndogs). These adjustments in setting will bring new excitement to a time-tested date night idea.

Attend a local college lecture or presentation.

For couples who like to be intellectually stimulated, many colleges provide fascinating presentations that are open to the public. Universities bring in well-known speakers, scientists, and authors, and many of the resulting talks are free. Find a local college that is presenting a topic you and your date are interested in, and you will have a wonderful night, not to mention engaging talks in the future!

Play a childhood game.

Think of your favorite card or board game when you were a kid. Got it? Now dig it out from the closet for date night! You will be surprised how many games are enjoyable even after the passing of years. Couples who are parent may be used to playing these board games with their children, but playing with a fellow adult will make for a fun and nostalgic evening.

Work out or train together.

Active couples can share their love of physical exertion as an excuse to see more of each other. Training for a marathon together ensures that you will spend time with your date on a regular basis. Other physical activities—such as swimming, bicycling, or bodybuilding—create the same effect. To top it off, you have a built-in accountability partner.

Visit a museum.

Adding a little culture to our lives can help us appreciate the world around us in a new light. Share that new perspective with your date; visit a local art gallery or history museum. Whether you want to impress your date with your extensive knowledge of pottery or explore a new topic together, museums are classy places to go on a date.

Go window shopping.

Romantics, take heed. Window shopping allows you and your date to dream about the future. Conversations about putting “a painting like that in the family room” or getting “a crib like that for the new baby” can draw you closer together as you make plans for the years ahead. Of course, window shopping can also be a source of entertainment for the more sarcastic couples. No matter what attitude you take, you will walk away with satisfaction and not a financial burden.


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