These are some fun ways to get you kids going on chores at home.

Chore Magnets

Chore Magnets Chart

Chore Magnet Boards

Chore Dice

Mailbox Job Chart System

Mailbox Job Chart Idea

Pocket Chore Chart

Cute Chores Chart with Pokets

Magnet Chart

Adorable Chores Chart with Magnet Blocks

WIFI Reward Chore Bowl

Chore Punch Hole Chart

Punch Card Chores System for Kids

Ticket Chore System

Ticket Jar Chores System for Summer

Chore Job Balls

Job Chore Balls

Chore Chart with Pebble Reward System

Shabby Chic Chores Chart with Pebbles

Velcro Chart

Velcro Jobs Chart for Kids

Magnetic Chore Chart for Multiple Kids

Cute Magnetic Chore Chart for Your Family

Chore Bucket and Reward System

Popsicle Chore System

Cute Popsicle Stick Chore Jar for Kids

Now chores around the house will be effortless and fun! These cute job charts will keep your kids busy throughout the day and excited to help around your home.
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