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14 Homemade Halloween costumes for kids

DIY Cupcake costume

Source: SheKnows.com

This cupcake costume is completely customizable. The wrapper is created from a bucket and can easily be made shorter or longer based on the height of your child. Check out the complete step-by-step tutorial for this cupcake costume at SheKnows.com>>

DIY Garden Fairy

Source: DIY Network

Try this easy DIY kids costume idea from DIY Network. Some fake florals, store-bought wings and a long tutu skirt worn as a dress and you’re set. Check out their other DIY Halloween costume ideas>>

DIY: Rocket man costume

Source: Real Simple

A white sweatsuit is the basis of this easy homemade Halloween costume. The power pack is simply Pringles containers or 2-liters — you’ve got this! Get the full details and see more costume ideas over on Real Simple>>

No-sew Phoenix costume

Source: Barista Kids

We loved this homemade Phoenix costume because it makes us think of The Hunger Games’ “girl on fire.” It also gives parents the opportunity for a bit of a mythology lesson. Get the full details for this homemade costume on Barista Kids>>

Homemade bubble bath costume

Source: Parenting.com

An inflatable baby bathtub is the basis for this cute kids Halloween costume. A few balloons and some strategically placed loofahs and you’ve got your very own portable bubble bath costume. Get the full details on Parenting.com>>

DIY Lego costume

Source: Spoonful

Spray paint, box, plastic cups … these are the ingredients for an easy-to-make Lego costume for the builder in your life. Get the full details over at Spoonful.com>>

DIY: Bowl of macaroni and cheese

Source: DIY Network

There’s just something too cute about kids dressed up as food! This DIY Halloween costume for kids is easy cheesy; just grab a laundry basket, some poster board and few other simple supplies and you have a simple, homemade kids Halloween costume. Get the full tutorial on DIY Network>>

Shark costume

Source: Barista Kids

Believe it or not, this cute kids Halloween costume started from a plain gray hoodie! Get the full costume details over on Barista Kids>>

Dollar Store costume: Dot candy

Source: Dollar Store Crafts

Cute as a (candy) button! This adorable girls’ Halloween costume idea from DollarStoreCrafts.com is delish. Get the full details here>>

Katniss Everdeen for less than $30

Source: SheKnows.com 

Have a Hunger Games loving kid at home? Then this Katniss Everdeen Halloween costume is for you! It’s extremely easy to pull together with a quick trip to the nearest thrift store. Get the full details over on SheKnows.com>>

DIY: Spelling bee costume

Source: Real Simple

Leave the letters off this cute costume idea from Real Simple and you’ve got your run-of-the-mill bumble bee costume. Add those simple foam letters and you’ve got a clever costume for your cutie. Get the full directions over at Real Simple>>

DIY: iPhone costume

Source: DIY Network

Kids and their technology! This homemade Halloween costume is the perfect pick for your gadget-lovin’ kiddos. Cut, tear or draw some cracks across the screen with a black marker and you know what my phone looks like thanks to those tech-hungry hands! Get the step-by-step instructions to make your own iPhone costume from DIY Network.

Dollar Store costume: Sushi baby

Source: Dollar Store Crafts

This costume cost less than $20 using supplies from the Dollar Store! We can’t get over the wasabi hat. Get the details over at DollarStoreCrafts.com>>

DIY: Washing machine

Source: Real Simple

This simple homemade Halloween costume is easy to make. And let’s face it, it might be the only time your kids are caught near a washing machine! Real Simple has the full step-by-step plus three other cute homemade Halloween costumes from a cardboard box>>

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