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13 Exhilarating Ideas for DIY Fall Home Decor

What goes into celebrating autumn? Both more and less than you think! I’m sure you’ve already resorted to Google or whipped out your usual go-to craft materials (paper bags, tea lights, and tempera paints), but this article serves to enlighten you about a range of sensational artistic DIY projects we think you’ll be delighted to undertake in the name of fall! You will need both supplies and a sense of humor to delve into the fun and funky ways to decorate your living space for this season!

First things first—we scoured Pinterest for you, along with a few other sites! Below range photos of everything DIY, from ideas for general seasonal motifs to intricately detailed crafts, all from family-friendly sites. Happy Equinox!

1. Wine Cork Welcome Wreath

You don’t have to drink every one of those bottles to get this many corks together. You can find wine corks at thrift stores or craft stores, too—or if you’re like me, you’ve been saving them for a special occasion! Well, this is it! You could even paint them orange for a pumpkin-y sensation!

2. Fall Candle Centerpieces

Check out these easy-peasy pumpkin-squeezy centerpieces! It really does bump up those fall colors—and you could use all sorts of beans and legumes (maybe coffee beans for the aroma?). No matter the color, tea lights, or scent, you can put them on the table or the mantle, but don’t let those candles go to waste!

3. Fall Lanterns

This is a great craft for kids! Just round up some leaves, some mason or votive jars, and find some Elmer’s Glue. Maybe tie a twine bow around it for a more rustic feel!

4. Chevron/Decorated Pumpkins

For pumpkin-specific decor, try these Chevron-patterned pumpkin crafts. They’re classy and super easy. You could even just paint pumpkins and add a monogram or pattern of your choosing! These are a great idea for outdoor and indoor decorating!

5. Gourd Tealights

These are precious! You could do the same thing with pumpkins and tapers, too! They’re a great way to add some sparkle to your home!

6. Fall Wreath Leaf Initial

What’s up, October!? This fall wreath leaf initial was made for those of us who want a fun, funky spin on our favorite season! Why not hang it on a dorm door or over the kitchen window? Voila! Your name, we’re game!

7. Simple Gourd Vases

Oh my gourd! How crafty! Real or silk flowers would look lovely in these simple gourd vases. You could maybe even paint the gourd. It’s a fab idea for dinners or when company’s coming to call! Try doing the same with pumpkins for a larger display.

8. Fall Book Wreath

How about it, bookworms? Sold on autumn’s goodness yet? This book wreath could be made from any book with a lovely result!

9. Fall Foliage Mobile

How cool is this awesome fall foliage mobile? Just a stick, some twine, leaves, acorns, pine cones, apples—you can add almost anything! A lovely addition bearing both the fruits of your labor and the season’s rustic warmth.

10. Seasonal Napkin Dressings

Looking for a way to spice up that dinner table when your centerpiece just doesn’t seem to be exquisite enough? Look no further! This simple napkin dressing really adds pizzazz to your wedding, dinner, or other special occasion place settings. How darling! You can choose any color ribbon, rope, berries (from the front yard or the craft store), and you’re well on your way to upping that fall cheer.

11. Halloween-Specific Decor

Halloween is on its way! In case you’re looking for a unique way to inspire some spooky fun in the house, try these glowing ghouls! Just balloons, glow sticks, and some black marker (or glue and black felt shapes), and ta-daa! Terrifically terrifying house guests!

12. Thanksgiving

Oh my! Who could this lovely leaf garland be for? What a simple yet elegant touch for Thanksgiving! String, leaves, paint—and a steady hand—go far here!

13. Fall-feel Wooden Decor

Wrapping up this lovely, leafy array of fall DIY decor is this stunningly cross-stitched fall-feel wood plank! A great idea to hang on your door, in the kitchen, the bedroom, or wherever, this truly autumnal hand-stitched decoration should get a few double-takes!

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