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11 Ways to De-Clutter Your Kitchen

Organizing your home can be a pain. Somehow, it always ends up messy again. A big area of constant messiness is the kitchen, with its constant traffic. Dishes find their way in the wrong drawer, baking ingredients are mislabeled, and some things are just lost. Here are a few kitchen organization ideas and nifty gadgets to help clear up some space.


Plate separator

If you have deep drawers, place your plates in them instead of cabinets to allow for easier access.

Wire baskets

Hang them along your kitchen walls to free up some cabinet and counter space. Fill them with standard kitchen tools such as whisks, spoons, and tongs.



Add shelves to stack in your cabinets or hang shelves from the bottom of another shelf to take advantage of unused space.


Repurposing shoe racks

Door shoe racks are useful for more than shoes – hang one on the back of a door, and put in cleaning supplies, cans, treats, etc. You can cut them up and hang a smaller one on a cabinet door for under-the-sink supplies.


Interior cork boards

Hang a cork board on the inside of your cabinet for recipes, pictures, or hooks to hang measuring spoons and cups. Beneath My Heart has a lot of ideas regarding how to use the space of interior doors.


Magazine rack

Whether you stack your pasta boxes or aluminum foil, magazine racks are great for stacking long boxes. You can slide them into a deep cupboard or attach them onto the inside of a kitchen cupboard drawer.

Paper towel holder

Many sinks have a fake drawer under them. Remove the drawer and put a paper towel holder in there instead to take away some cluttered space on your counter.

Tension rod separators

Add rods to help separate cutting boards, large plates, oven trays, etc. so you don’t have to stack them precariously. It’ll allow for an easier way to reach for and put away your flat kitchenware.

DIY lid rack

This will help organize lids of your Tupperware so it’s not a pain to find the right lid. Take a bucket and a dish rack, tie them together with twine, and voila! – your very own lid rack.

Pot lid rack

Install some wire racks for pot lids on the inside of cabinets so you don’t have to go rummaging through the cabinet to find the rid lid to your pot.



Instead of having flimsy paper or cardboard bags and boxes holding your flour, sugar, baking soda, etc., use big glass jars or mason jars to make your baking goods visible. It’ll look nice, neat, and organized.

Hopefully, some of these tips will help organize your kitchen and free up some space. Having a neat, clean kitchen will help make your house feel less like a constant chore to clean up and more like a place to live in. These DIY projects can be done with the whole family involved or organized just to your liking. Either way, get de-cluttering!

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