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10 Ways to Organize Your Child’s Toys

Trying to find the right way to organize anything can drive you crazy, and your child’s toys aren’t any exception. There are different shapes, different sizes, different kinds, inside or outside – the list goes on. These categories require different organization and different places around the house. Your kid will drag his or her toys everywhere, so you might as well have a few different places to keep said toys. Here are a few ideas for organizing your child’s toys in order to keep your sanity in check and your house clean.


Organized Outside Toys in Buckets


Looks like a cute, clean way to organize toys before they track dirt into the house.


Stuffed Animal Wall Baskets



Use garden hanging baskets, and secure them to the wall. Anchor them low to the ground so your kids can get easy access to their favorite toy and be able to put them away.


Lego Organization Station


When I was a kid, I just had a few big containers to hold all my Legos – this is way cooler!


Toys in the Garage


Bungee cords should do the trick to keep all your kid’s toys in order.


Bucket Tower


Drill a few holes, connect with zip ties, and you have a bucket tower to hold all their toys!


Toy Chest


Having a toy chest with your name on it means all the toys are yours and not to be shared with your little brother, right?


Portable Art Studio


Now it’s easy for your kids to take their art anywhere around the house. Hook a portable tool belt onto a bucket, and voila! Big things like paper, scissors, and glue can go in the middle, and smaller items such as their crayons or paintbrushes can go on the outside for easy access.


Bunch of Baskets


This organizing maniac found a way to put bookshelves on their side and build both a seating area and a toy organization system. Score!


Doll/Action Figure Storage


You can hand this on the back of their door or closet so keep their toys close.


22 Ways to Organize Shelves


RealSimple.com has a great list of ways to rearrange your shelves for books, toys, anything.

Organizing toys can be a pain, but it’ll keep your life just a bit simpler. It can be as function-oriented, cutesy, or tough-looking as you and your kids want it to be. Organizing should ease the mind more than it makes you want to pull your hair out. If you need a quick and simple method, just get some containers from The Container Store, and spruce them up later. Find what works for you, and stick with it.

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