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Daughter giving her mom a bouquet of flowers.

10 Unique Gift Ideas for Mom

Quick! Mother’s Day is almost here. Are you going to buy her red roses? A necklace? Rather than giving her the same old trinkets, here are ten unique gift ideas for Mom.

Mother’s Day is a reminder to appreciate the women in your life, but just buying a present might not seem like enough. That special day for Mom comes around just once a year while Mom is taking care of her family every day.

Mom deserves absolutely everything, but sometimes she’s hard to shop for. She either already has everything, doesn’t want anything, or wants exactly what she wants. But that’s okay, because we have some unique gift ideas for Mom that you can buy, create, or do for Mother’s Day.

Sometimes it really is the thought that counts, so don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Mom will love it, guaranteed!

1. Self-Care Day

Moms are always go go going! Especially if they have little kids or are working long hours. So invite her—no, tell her—to take a day for herself.

Buy her a trip to the spa or set up a homemade spa complete with a bubble bath, mani-pedis, massages, skincare, and anything else she could desire. If spas aren’t her thing but she’s really into movies, clear your schedules, pop some popcorn, make her favorite foods and treats, and watch movies all day long. Just do what will make her relax and recharge.

The point with a self-care day is to make sure Mom doesn’t feel guilty for taking care of herself instead of the family. So make sure that you go along for the ride with her.

2. Coupon Book

You would think that coupon books are overused as gifts for Mom, but I can guarantee that Mom always needs coupons.

Don’t use the generic five-minute-massage and mom-picks-the-movie coupons. (I mean, unless she really wants those.) You want to give her coupons that will actually mean something to her. Does mom always complain that nobody else does the dishes? Add some of those in there. Does Mom really, really want a new faucet in the bathroom? Add it to the book.

Or, even better than creating a coupon book, surprise mom on Mother’s Day with the things you would have put in the book. After all, the important part of the coupon book is actually giving Mom the items you promise.

3. Mommy Books

If Mom loves reading, one of the best presents you can give her is a book. Whether it’s a gift card to her favorite book outlet, a romantic date to a bookstore where you promise to buy her whatever she wants, or a book you know she’ll love, Mom will be thrilled.

Check out our collection of books for all stages of motherhood to find the perfect book for Mom. Also see our list of books for Mom at the end of this article.

4. Picture Books

Even if your Mom doesn’t absolutely love reading, she might still love to receive a picture book as a gift. Who doesn’t like to read fun stories while looking at beautiful artwork? Especially if the book comes with a sweet note from the family.

Buy a picture book you know Mom will love and write a heartfelt note in the front. It’ll be so much better than roses, and Mom will hold onto that gift forever (she might even cry).

5. Cookbooks

We don’t ever stop talking about books around here. Or food. If your Mom is the same, she might love to get a cookbook for Mother’s Day. You can gift her a cookbook with recipes you think she’ll love, and then you can ask her to choose her favorite recipe and offer to make it for her.

Trust me, there’s nothing a mom who cooks all the time will love more than not having to make dinner. You’ll be giving her two gifts in one—or three or four if you feel ambitious!

6. A Trip to the Beach

Similar to taking a self-care day, you can plan a trip to the beach as a gift for Mom. Mom will love getting away, and if you can leave the little ones at home, even better. But if not, I’m sure Mom will love some time away with her family.

I say the beach, but you can really plan the trip for anywhere Mom wants to go. The mountains, the lake, Italy, Paris, you name it! The idea is just to get away for a relaxing vacation Mom didn’t have to plan.

7. Family Wall Art

Creating wall art with the family is the perfect way to get kids involved in making Mom a Mother’s Day gift. Sit down with the kids and just start drawing! Draw pictures of Mom, of your family, of your pets. Or just draw the things Mom loves. Then you can frame and hang the pictures for Mom to see every time she walks down the hall.

Of course, you could also pay a professional artist to paint your family. But I’m sure Mom will love your artwork the most, stick figures and all!

8. Family Pictures

For the most sentimental gift, you can give Mom pictures of the whole family. You can hire a photographer and go the whole rigamarole of getting the family ready for pictures. You can even schedule the photoshoot for a day Mom is free and include her in the gift.

Or, to keep things simple, you can just start snapping pictures. Get all the candid pictures of your family, of your kids playing, of the last family barbecue. Print them. Start framing. And then wait for the waterworks.

9. Family Birthday Calendar

If Mom or Grandma love to keep track of all the birthdays in the family. They call their brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews—basically the entire family tree!—then a birthday calendar is the gift for her.

You can find a nice birthday calendar online where you customize birthday tabs for each family member and hang them from a beautiful wooden sign board. Or you can create your own birthday calendar for Mom.

You can buy a wall calendar from the store that you decorate to mark each family member’s birthday. Or you can make one from scratch. Or you can go the extra mile and create a beautiful sign with all the family’s birthdays that Mom can keep up every year. Mom will love them all.

10. Whatever She Wants!

This is the most important gift you could give Mom on Mother’s Day—whatever she wants!

“Whatever she wants” could mean a lot of things. It could mean asking Mom exactly what gift she wants (assuming she doesn’t want a surprise). “Whatever” could also mean letting her take the day off while you do all of the household chores, cooking, and parenting. Or it could mean promising to do whatever she wants—going to the movies, going on a date, gardening, driving around town. Whatever means absolutely whatever!

Some Moms like being able to choose their gifts and how they spend Mother’s Day so much better than receiving something they won’t like, so don’t be afraid to ask.

It’s Mom’s day, so do everything you can to make sure that you’re giving her the Mother’s Day she wants. That’s the most priceless gift you can give her.

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