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10 Pinterest Crafts for Father’s Day


It can be hard to think of a gift on father’s day. It’s not a birthday where you’re just celebrating another good year, but an even better occasion —celebrating another great year as your dad.

1.      Dad Rocks Paperweight

A pin from Our Family World gives instruction on making dad a paperweight memento. Every dad loves an office decorated by his kids. It’s a daily reminder of the family while dad’s at work. And it stays a precious childhood token even when your son takes his first driving test, or your daughter goes to prom.

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2.      Father’s Day Tie Bag


Hide a surprise in a clever bag. Does dad love a handwritten note? Does he pack a lunch every day for work? Does he like clever ways kids show their love? Make him a Father’s day goodie bag complete with a miniature tie. Little Family Fun has simple instructions on how to make the tie bag and you can fill it with whatever you’d like. Try putting in his favorite sweet snack, or, with a sturdy bag, loading it up with golf balls.

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3.      Dad Deserves a Gold Metal

With a cheese container and some candy, kids can give their dad a personal award. Make it a card or a present with a gift card or movie tickets inside. Sassy Dealz has instructions on making this gift, and other great gifts for Father’s day.

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4.      Necktie Key Rings


This is a little more detailed, but totally worth it. Dad can take his gift wherever he goes. This is an especially great gift if mom or older siblings keep taking dad’s keys by accident. Now they will know exactly whose is whose with dad’s lovely new key accessory from Positively Splendid.


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5.      Footprint Fun

From B-Inspired Mama, this fun, framed gift is great for a quickly growing kid. Document their growth before they’re bigger than dad. Fathers will be extremely happy to know that their child wants to be just like them. One warning though: this will be held against them later in life when the kids are towering over dad as proof of how small they once were!

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6.      How Much You Love Him Card

This cute card is packed with love. Trace your own hands, and show dad how long you can make the card! It’s always great to make someone laugh and show them how much you love them in one gift. Check out directions on Keeping Up with the Kiddos.

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7.      Father’s Day Pencil Cup

Pencil cups are always useful and add great decoration to a work desk. This simple craft from A Frugal Chick, leaves little notes to dad in a colorful, thoughtful present. When helping you kids write what they love about dad, there will be some great one-liners and happy memories that you can enjoy every time you look at it.


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8.      A Personalized Mug


A traditional, but great gift form Cincy Shopper! Have your kids draw or write on a mug for dad. Great for kids who love to draw and dad will cherish it forever. Just draw on the mug with a Sharpie marker and bake it. It’s the kind of gift you want to pull off the shelf every morning!

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9.      Tile Coasters

Make colorful coasters for dad! They are fun to make and can lend themselves to whatever color dad likes.  This gift has simple instructions from Inner Child Fun. Now maybe dad will stop leaving rings on the table, because he wants to use a cool coaster!


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10.   The Best Dad, Hands Down

Let dad know he’s the best! You might have to let dad know about this one before it’s done (to get the hand print from him too) but, he will love it all the same. It’s a funny and cute way to tell dad you love him from A Day in the Life of a Robinson. Just make sure you don’t forget the apostrophe in World’s (opps!) when you create your gift.

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Any gift is thoughtful on father’s day, but the one you make yourself is the best! Pick your favorite craft, his favorite color and get to work!


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