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Dad and daughter sitting on a bed and reading a book together.

10 Bookish Gifts for Dad

Buying gifts for Dad can be hard, but you can never go wrong with a book. These ten books are the perfect gifts for Father’s Day—or any day!

From cute board books he can read with his kids to how-to manuals that spark his interest, we have everything Dad could ever want. Funny and charming, sentimental and sweet, or practical and fun, you choose! Here are ten books that we think would be a perfect gift for the fathers in your life.

The cover of the book Daily Fatherhood.

1. Daily Fatherhood

by Familius

This quote book is a collection of all the truths, laughs, and pick-me-ups that every dad needs every day. With 365 quotes from dads (who also happen to be thought leaders, comedians, and politicians) and hilarious images of fatherhood in progress, Daily Fatherhood is the perfect gift for Dad.

2. The Quotable Dad

by Familius

With more than 200 unique quotations, The Quotable Dad shares thoughts, ideas, humor, and advice from the best minds of the ages for the most challenging situations that come with being a dad. A perfect gift for Father’s Day or any day when one wants to celebrate their dad.

“Becoming a father is easy enough, but being one can be very rough.”

—Wilhelm Busch
The cover of the book The Quotable Dad.
The cover of the picture book Made for Me.

3. Made for Me

by Zack Bush
Illustrations by Gregorio De Lauretis
Picture Book and Board Book

This is the book that makes grown men cry. Written by a dad for dads, and in both board book and picture book formats, Made for Me is meant for any age. With a touching refrain and adorable illustrations of a hilariously big dad and an endearingly tiny baby, this book is a winning presentation of the tender moments between a father and his child.

And don’t forget to check out the Spanish language version, Naciste Para Mi!

4. Why, Daddy? Why?

by Timara Girardi
Illustrations by Nichola Cowdery
Board Book

Dads are always answering the question “Why?” a million times a day. Whether Dad has all the answers or is in need of a helping hand, this board book will be perfect for him. He will cherish his own relationship with his curious kid as he reads how a cuddly papa bear uses his cub’s naturally inquisitive nature to show the many forms of his love in Why, Daddy? Why?

The cover of the board book Why, Daddy? Why?
The cover of the book Rookie Father.

5. Rookie Father

by Kendall Smith

Rookie Father is the ultimate playbook for first-time fathers. With short lessons to answer questions new dads will face, from choosing your parenting style to what it means to really be the “man of the house” (spoiler alert: it’s not the 1950s) to managing your expectations as your child grows into a unique person, this book has everything Dad needs to know. Split into 131 short, easily digestible “plays” and written in an approachable, humorous voice, Dad will love getting this book as a gift.

6. The Power of Dadhood

by Michael Smith

What would the world be like without Dad?

Father’s day is all about showing Dad how much he means to us, and The Power of Dadhood encourages men to father with the knowledge that they are vitally important to the futures of their children. With this book, you can give Dad the power of Dadhood.

The cover of the book The Power of Dadhood.
The cover of the book 100 First Words for Little CEOs.

7. 100 First Words for Little CEOs

by Cheryl Sturm
Illustrations by Kyle Kershner
Board Book

Is Dad a businessman? Do you talk about stocks and bonds instead of the weather?

If that sounds like your family, consider bridging the gap between father and child with 100 First Words for Little CEOs. A dashingly sharp vocabulary primer for kids learning their first words, this board book will have your little boss baby managing the family business right alongside Dad. With cute illustrations and words that Dad loves, this book will be as much for him as it is for your baby.

If business isn’t Dad’s thing but art or the gym is, consider these other adorable gifts from our 100 First Words series.

8. The House That Ruth Built

by Kelly Bennett
Illustrations by Susanna Covelli
Picture Book

Does Dad love baseball? Does he have a thing for Babe Ruth and other Hall of Famers?

If he’s as much of a fan of baseball as you are of him, grab this retro picture book for Dad. (It would be the perfect addition to his man cave.) With beautiful, true-to-event illustrations reminiscent of Norman Rockwell, and with facts on every page about the stadium, the teams, and that very first fateful game that christened the original Yankee Stadium, The House That Ruth Built is the perfect gift for Dad.

The cover of the picture book The House That Ruth Built.
The cover of the book Breaking the Grid.

9. Breaking the Grid

by Dan Martin

If Dad is a doer and loves getting his hands dirty in the garden and around the house, Breaking the Grid is the perfect gift. With step-by-step instructions and helpful pictures for a variety of projects, from rainwater catchment to gardens and greenhouses to homemade products and tools, Dad will never run out of fun things to try. He will love reading and getting ideas from all of the DIY projects, and you’ll love giving it to him.  (And of course, you’ll love your new homestead and fresh fruits and veggies too.)

10. Wisdom for Dad

by Hugh Weber

“There will be a moment—and it will come earlier than you expect—when you’ll want to feed your kid to a wolverine. DON’T DO IT.”

Behind every amazing dad is a bucketful of hilarious mistakes and missteps. (You should ask him sometime!) You can gift him Wisdom for Dad to commemorate all the times Dad has taken a toy to the head or ended up covered head-to-toe in baby food (or other questionable substances). This book for dads, from @DudeToDad and the Twitterverse, is packed with humorous, first-rate parenting advice. In 140 characters or less, it’s the perfect gift for Father’s Day.

The cover of the book Wisdom for Dad.

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Shaelyn Topolovec earned a BA in editing and publishing from BYU, worked on several online publications, and joined the Familius family. Shae is currently an editor and copywriter who lives in California’s Central Valley.

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