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No. of Pages : 196
ISBN: 9781942672944
Released : 8/11/2015

The Soul of My Soldier

Reflections of a Military Wife
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Book Description

After forty-five years of marriage, celebrated author and poet Abigail B. Calkin explores the relationship she has with her husband, who served three tours of duty in two different wars. Raw, riveting, and engaging, Calkin recounts how war and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) shaped their marriage and family. 

Told in prose and poetry, The Soul of My Soldier is a vivid exploration of the extended and significant impact war has on loved ones and how war affects deployed military personnel far beyond their tour of duty. 

Praise for The Soul of My Soldier

"Abigail Calkin’s memoir is a beautifully written, deeply honest, and necessary book. This memoir blew me away."

—Abigail Thomas, author of A Three Dog Life and Safekeeping


Non-military readers may find this memoir insightful, while those in the military and veteran community may feel emboldened after reading. Calkin’s description of her own marriage appears to be a metaphor for military service itself, whereby persistence and commitment to something larger than oneself delivers intrinsic rewards in spades."

—Dr. Kent A. Corso, OEF Veteran and President of NCR Behavioral Health


"The Soul of My Soldier is a unique and very personal account of what it is like, from a wife's perspective, to live with a career soldier and veteran of three combat tours in two very different wars. Abigail Calkin gives a very personal account of the issues faced and the coping skills acquired over a decades-long marriage that is at once instructive and deeply touching in its unfolding. More importantly, she gives us a very personal perspective of what a soldier’s family, and especially his or her spouse, encounters in the relationship. This is a very different viewpoint than that normally encountered in reading about PTSD and one that has long been needed."


—Paul Busick, Rear Admiral, USCG (ret.)

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