Single Parenting Books



The Survival Guide for Families at War

By Stanley Hall PhD
$ 14.95 (Print Book)

Wondering what you are in for as you move to your first military base, or as you try to recover from numerous deployments? Deployed! is the perfect solution for every member of a military family wh...
Lessons From My Parents

Lessons From My Parents

100 Shared Moments that Changed Our Lives

By Michele Robbins
$ 17.95 (Print Book)

Have you ever experienced a moment in your life when you began to appreciate the stories and lessons your parents might have shared with you? Perhaps it was a moment quietly working when your father told you...
Living In The Trenches

Living In The Trenches

Successful Family Strategies from a Father of Nine (Yes, Nine)

By Christopher Robbins
$ 12.95 (Print Book)

Whether you have one child or twelve (do you really have twelve?), they seem to come prepackaged with their own personality. You wonder how much nurture is going into this nature and how you’ll ever survive ...