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No. of Pages : 196
ISBN: 9781942934028
Released : 9/8/2015

Mary & Me

A Lasting Link Through Ink
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Book Description

Mary & Me: A Lasting Link Through Ink explores a thirty-year friendship between two women: one who had never learned to cultivate female friendships, and the other who had managed to gather and maintain a large group of friends throughout her adult life. The fact that thousands of handwritten letters between them tethered these two together is just part of the intriguing story. Coauthors Mary Potter Kenyon—author of Refined by Fire, Coupon Crazy, and Chemo-Therapist—and Mary Jedlicka Humston share an unforgettable friendship that will inspire you to pick up your pen and begin writing "Dear . . . " Book clubs and other organizations will enjoy the companion discussion questions at the end of the book.

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Mary & Me: Discussion Questions 

Praise for Mary & Me

"A book about the joy of letters is always a cause for celebration, and when it is also a book about the incomparable consolations of friendship—expressed through letters—the celebration is even greater. Mary & Me offers beautiful proof that there is no better demonstration of true friendship than through letters; through shared confidences that address our sorrows, our joys, and our need of each other."

—Nina Sankovitch, bestselling author of Tolstoy and the Purple Chair and Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Celebrating the Joys of Letterwriting


"Mary & Me is a powerful testament to the beauty of friendship as told through decades of letter writing. In a disarmingly personal depiction, Kenyon and Humston lead us through a story of friendship that withstands time, distance, and all the joy and heartache that life can offer." 
—Heather Gudenkauf, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author


“Mary Kenyon is one of those rare women who walked into my world and became an instant lifelong friend. She exudes love of family, faith, integrity, and beauty, and those things shine in her writing and relationships. Mary & Me: A Lasting Link Through Ink, co-written with Mary Jedlicka Humston, offers rich wisdom about the art of friendship and the beauty of commitment that goes beyond the limits of time and space and how words enrich us, give us life, and bond our spirits and souls.”

—Shelly Beach, Christy Award-winning author of twelve books and co-author of Love Letters from the Edge


"This book is a pure tribute to friendship, letter writing, and, most of all, love. The shared experiences of loss, faith, and letting go between Mary and Mary aren't just inspiringthey're enough to push you out of your own comfort zone to be a little braver today. No doubt, this is the sort of story that will make you want to try harder, love people better, hold the good ones in your life tighter, and leave no collection of words left unsaid. In short, this book captures the real stuff of life. The real stuff."

—Hannah Brencher, creator of MoreLoveLetters.com, TED speaker, and author of If You Find This Letter 

About the Author

Mary Potter Kenyon
Mary Potter Kenyon graduated from the University of Northern Iowa with a BA in psychology and is a reporter for...
Mary Jedlicka Humston
Mary Jedlicka Humston, a former high school teacher, graduated from the University of Northern Iowa with a BA in English Education. She has had over 150 poems and essays published at the local...

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