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Hard Work Books

Lessons From My Parents

Lessons From My Parents

100 Shared Moments that Changed Our Lives

By Michele Robbins
$ 10.77 (Print Book)

Have you ever experienced a moment in your life when you began to appreciate the stories and lessons your parents might have shared with you? Perhaps it was a moment quietly working when your father told you...
The Quotable Scouter

The Quotable Scouter

Moral Inspiration for Scouts of All Ages

By Edith Songer
$ 6.00 (Print Book)

Created for your “Scout Master Minute,” The Quotable Scouter communicates the values that have been upheld by the scouting movement ever since Robert Baden-Powell published Scouting for Boys in 1908. These v...
The Best-Kept Secrets of Parenting

The Best-Kept Secrets of Parenting

18 Principles that Can Change Everything

By Brad Wilcox And Jerrick Robbins
$ 14.95 (Print Book)

Family life can be like a road trip—filled with unpredictable challenges, problems, and situations that try your patience. While no family is perfect, do you ever wonder how some families seem to more effective...
The Quotable Dad

The Quotable Dad

By Brooke Jorden And Maggie Wickes
$ 9.00 (Print Book)

With more than 200 unique quotations, The Quotable Dad shares thoughts, ideas, humor, and advice from the best minds of the ages for the most challenging situations that come with being a dad. A perfect...