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NOV, 2012

Be Grateful for Your Challenges 

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I listened to an interview with NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Steve Young today where he repeatedly said how grateful he was to play against the very best and experience significant on-field challenges. He mentioned that at times he would go across the field and hug the opposing quarterback, thanking him for the opportunity to play against him, that the experience had made him better and more appreciative of how challenges helped him grow.  

He said learning to deal with being down four points in the fourth quarter and having it be third and ten prepared him for life after football and that the challenges of being a father and husband were far greater than anything he experienced on the field.

It’s true that life is more challenging than football. It’s true that the challenges we face are but exercises to help strengthen our resolve and improve our skills.

Be grateful for your challenges. They will make you strong.

“Now therefore give me this mountain . . .” –Caleb (Joshua 14:12)


Image courtesy of Lori Nawyn and is from an upcoming Gratitude Journal, published by Familius

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