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Pop Culture Books

Coupon Crazy

Coupon Crazy

The Science, the Savings, and the Stories Behind America's Extreme Obsession

By Mary Potter Kenyon
$ 16.95 (Print Book)

Coupon Crazy examines the phenomena of avid coupon use and the socio-cultural and socioeconomic factors that construct it. By delving into the history of couponing, refunding, the science of shopping, and the d...
Wisdom for Dad

Wisdom for Dad

Advice for Dad—In 140 Characters or Less

By Hugh Weber
$ 14.95 (Print Book)

Gone are the days of long, handwritten letters from father to son. Now, the most we can expect is a text, tweet, or Facebook update. By accessing the social web and the power of the dad crowd, Wisdom for D...
Parenting for the Digital Age

Parenting for the Digital Age

The Truth Behind Media's Effect on Children, and What to Do About It

By Bill Ratner
$ 10.17 (Print Book)

We’ve seen it everywhere, whether a suggestive Halloween costume for a young girl, or a t-shirt for a prepubescent boy that says “Chick Magnet,” or online advertising that is blatantly trying to manipulate kids...
Rude Dude's Book of Food

Rude Dude's Book of Food

Stories Behind Some of the Crazy-Cool Stuff We Eat

By Tim J. Myers And Jess Smart Smiley
$ 7.77 (Print Book)

It's actually true that Mongol warriors rode with slabs of raw meat under their saddles then ate them that night in camp! It's actually true that Chinese archaeologists found 4,000-year-old noodles in an ove...