APR, 2013

Family Ever After 

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Familius is launching a few books this week and we’ll take a moment each day to share with you why we love them. We hope that you’ll share these books with your family and friends. Why? Because they are great! 

Family Ever After: Simple Ways to Achieve Extraordinary Happiness With Your Ordinary Family by Michelle H. Packard is one of my favorite books this season. We loved the original idea—that after the honeymoon, after life begins to fill the gaps between a woman’s ideal of marriage and the life realities, she may wonder what happened to her “Ever After.”

Michelle is a writer and a blogger, but more importantly, Michelle is a stay-at-home mom who understands the often contrasting friction between the dream and the reality of marriage and family life. With exceptional research and real-life stories Michelle provides a wonderful exploration of what is a realistic view of marriage and family life and how to actually find that Ever After we all look for.

I love this book because it’s true and it’s real. It’s funny. It’s poignant. It puts our family life in perspective and allows us to keep our dreams and continue to work toward them.

Thank you, Michelle, for a refreshing look at what family life is and what it can be. 

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