Glitter Valentine's Day Cards
Glitter Cards
Source: DIY Network

These homemade cards are perfect for all the kids to make for teachers, friends and more! See DIY Networks for the details.
Magnetic Valentines
Valentine's Day kite
Source: Spoonful

The magnetic Valentine’s on Spoonful will fly their way into the heart of your child’s friends and teachers this Valentine’s Day! Check out the website for the steps.
Monster Valentines
Love Monster Valentines
Source: Spoonful

The monsters on these Valentine’s Day cards are not about scaring and all about caring! See how to make these lovable monsters on Spoonful.
Ruler Valentines
Measuring love this Valentine's Day
Source: Thompson and Spring

Fun and easy to make, your child will be able to measure out for all his teachers and friends just how much he or she loves them. See how to put these Valentines together at Thompson and Spring.
You Rock Valentine
Pop rock candy valentines
Source: Fiskars

Put a little bit of rock into your child’s classroom Valentine’s Day celebrations with these pop and rock Valentines! Check out Fiskars for the information.
Super Valentine
Superhero tootsie pop valentine
Source: Zakka Life

Super Valentine, is sure to bring some laughs and heroics to a classroom near you! Plus, these Valentines are easy to make. Zakka Life has all the steps.
Butterfinger Dinosaurs
Dinosaur candy valentine
Source: Life in Wonderland

Send dino-sized Valentine’s Day wishes to everyone at school with these fun and tasty Valentines. Check out Life in Wonderland for the supplies.
Heart Breakers
M&M interactive valentines
Source: Dana Made It

Who said Valentine’s hearts have to be pink and red? These colorful Valentine’s Day cards are filled with a surprise that any classmate and teacher will love. Dana Made It has the details.
Hand-Shaped Valentines
Hand cut out valentines
Source: Martha Stewart

These easy-to-make, unique Valentines cards are completely customizable, so your child can tell that favorite teacher or friend how much they really mean. has this and more.
Friendship Bracelet Valentines
Friendship bracelets that are valentines
Source: Dandee

Want a sugar-less craft possibility for you and your child to make for the class Valentine’s Day party? Check out these friendship bracelets on Dandee!
Love Cards
Easy to make valentines cards
Source: Family Education

Here are some simple Valentine’s Day card possibilities that give your little one the perfect opportunity to channel some creativity. Family Education has the supply list.
Pop-Up Heart
Pop-up valentine card
Source: Family Education

Add some dimension to your child’s Valentine’s Day cards with this 3D card design! See how at Family Education.
You Make My Heart Glow
Glow stick valentines
Source: The Teacher Wife

Light up the classroom this Valentine’s Day with these glow stick cards! See how you and your family can make these at
Just Write Valentines
Pencil valentines
Source: Happy Clippings

Practical and cute, these Valentine’s Day cards will be the perfect addition to your kid’s classroom party. See for this craft and more!
Tic-Tac-Toe Valentines
Tic-Tac-Toe interactive valentines
Source: iVillage

A Valentine’s Day card and a fun game all in one! This Valentine card will be a classroom favorite. iVillage has all the supplies and steps.